website about best time to travel

This is NOT a blog!!

This Website is about the best time to go and more useful information

This Website is about "when to go". What is the best time to travel. in German: beste Reisezeit

The idea of this website is to give you a quick overview of what is the best time to travel!

I found the websites I checked not handy, so I came up with my own one.


Moreover I want to give you information about possible trips you can do in specific regions / countries and other helpful advice.


Maybe you wonder why I did this site at all. It is quite a time invest, freetime. I like travelling. I like my way of travelling and I want people to experience it and more important the country they visit. To be a little less tourist and more a guest.

I like you to have the best possible trip.

I try to give you the pieces of information which I look for before travelling. Not too much text but enough information.


Each time I started writing about a place or a trip, I got excited. I would love to do it again, to see it again.

And I start remembering the place much more detailed than before. Memories come to my head when writing.


best time to travel - beste Reizeit

South Africa


Camino de Santiago










Tel Aviv (Israel)

That's Me

No, my name is not Hans but Vincent.

Hans seems to be a typical name for non- Germans to call Germans, so I thought Hans is nice. :-)



sweaty Hans :-)
sweaty Hans :-)


Wanna check out tasty Ginger beer from travelling to "Commonwealth countries"?

You can find it here:

(in Germany) 


Do you wanna meet people in Tel Aviv?
Perfect opportunity is the famous pub crawl. Try it.
It is also fun for couples, not for solo travellers only!!


Also I want to recommend the free walking tour in Amman (Jordan) and the Pasha Hotel.


You can find another nice free walking tour in Cuenca (Ecuador).

The best hotel I have ever stayed at? Go to the Kook Hotel in Tarifa, amazing.