Travel Hans? That's me :-)

No, my name is not Hans but Vincent.

Hans seems to be a typical name for non- Germans to call Germans, so I thought Hans is nice. :-)


The idea of this website is to give you a quick overview of what is the best time to travel!

I found the websites I checked not handy, so I came up with my own one.


Moreover I want to give you information about possible trips you can do in specific regions / countries and other helpful advice.

How I travel

The older I get, the slower I travel. Man, I know I sound like an old man. ;-)

But actually it is only to small degree because of physical reasons, it is rather from experience. I don't like to hop from one place to another.

I am not trying to reach a certain number of countries I traveled. Staying for a longer while in one place has many advantages:

  • First, budget- wise. There are some costs to get to each place initially. Classically the flight and transport from the airport to the accommodation. In many cases transport to/from airport is much more expensive than any other kind of transport.
  • Second, you learn so much about a place, the people, the country and the history from staying longer. And isn't that the reason why you went there?
    When I changed places a lot in a short period of time, I even started to mix things up. "Did this happen in place A or B?" Aweful, I hate doing this.
  • Third, it is so much more relaxing not changing accommodation every (second) night.


So far this kind of a collection, nothing focused or finalised yet.



I cannot imagine to travel with a suitcase (unless it is business- wise).

A backpack is just so handy.

60 liter backpack is totally sufficient for most trips. The exception would be a long time outdoor trip, when you need to bring food and cutlery etc. 60 liter for men, about 50 liter for women. I do not want to discriminate anybody but mostly women are smaller and thus should carry less. The problem about a bigger backpack is that you will always use the spaces which you have. And this means weight. And weight is bad. Looking for a place to stay, getting to the station etc. It easily happends that you need to carry the backpack more than an hour. So better minimize the number of items taking with you. You can always buy an extra shirt or so at your destination.


Bring at least a sleeping liner (for colder weather sleeping bad), flip- flops, rain jacket and fleece jacket or comined as both "soft shell jacket".

A thin scarf, towel (which dries quickly), hat, socks (also longer ones to protect from mosquitos), swim cloths, toilet paper, soap, cloth line, padlock (for lockers in hostels), flash light (best head lamp), pocket knife, vaccination record and your charger.

Of course, your medication, feminine hygiene items, condoms.