beautiful Andalucia

best time to go

spring and autumn is perfect.

spring and autumn is perfect.

Easter ("semana santa") is very popular but also very busy, especially in Sevilla with the great procession.


July and especially August is hot, very hot. Try a different time.

November to February might be cold but depeding where you go. Malaga and the coast can be fine, like 15°C.

Every place up in the mountains like Ronda or Granada might be minus degrees at night and in the morning.


I am not aware of specific health risks.

People from other parts of "Spain" claim that the health system in Andalucia is not as good as in the rest of Spain but I would not consider that a problem for travelers. 


rather safe

 There are pickpockets everywhere in Europe, especially at the major tourist sights. Watch your belongings.

infrastructure (how easy to travel)

bus - Train - (rental) car


It's Europe. (even if Northern Spaniards would state something different ;-)


Rental cars are surprisingly cheap. But it might depend on the season. Bus/ trains are also a good option (roughly 25EUR per person one-way) but a car gives you the possibility to explore the mountains beyond the main highways.



due to low budget airlines flights are rather cheap.

8days about 1.000EUR (incl flight & rental car) per person

spontaneously or booking in advanced


Exception is the Alhambra in Granada. Try to book online in advanced. If you can't (like me), get up early. They sell a few thousands daily tickets. People start queuing in the early morning at 6 am. You should too. 

If you plan to be at Easter time in Sevilla, you also need to book in advanced.
I booked twice the rental car only days before flying there. And the hotels one day before max.

things to do

Eat tapas,

sightseeing the Alhambra in Granada,

the "Mezquita" in Cordoba,

enjoy the landscape and the beaches.

route (highlights)

I did in 8 days:

Malaga - Granada - Cordoba - Sevilla - Ronda - Malaga.

I can definitely recommend that route and would extend it to Cadiz for some more days.

I went to Andalucia again because I liked it so much. This time to go western from Malaga. The route has been:
Malaga - (Gibraltar) / Jimena de la Frontera (in the mountains; beautiful!) - Tarifa (cool surfer sport; perfect for partying) - Bolonia (amazing sand dune and beach) - Vejer de la Frontera (probably nice in summer, in winter too cold) - Cadiz (nice spot at the sea) - Jerez de la Frontera (another beautiful city).
The second route is much different than the first one. It has less spectacular highlights. But it is beautiful and relaxed (depending on the time of the year). There are great beaches and the mountains close by. Keep in mind that all west of Gibraltar is Atlantic, not the Mediterrean. This means more windy, which is cool for surfer but less for swimming.

A super nice place to stay in Tarifa is the Kook Hotel. I love it.