can you find it on the map?! ;-)

time to go there

European spring and autumn


Suriname is pretty close located to the Equator. This means there are not four seasons. There is rainy and dry season.

I prefer the dry season, although it means it is hotter.

Suriname in September was really hot. It will be for sure 30°C (90°F).

It's tropical with all it advantages and disadvantages.


This is definitely an issue. Suriname is a third world country. And it is tropical. So there are some naughty deseases including Malaria in some areas. But actually the risk of Malaria seems to be lower than I expected (according to my travel doc).

Nevertheless I would bring prevention medication from home.

And of course you need the "typical" vacinations. So please, go and see a travel doc.

Moreover medication for diarrhea etc. is recommended.



(not safe as Europe but better than other countries)

I didn't make any bad experience. I have never felt unsafe.

I think the rather unsafe places are in the capital, Paramaribo. 

Especially female travelers shouldn't walk alone at night in the dark areas of the city or through parks. Rather take a taxi.


Infrastructure (how easy to travel)

bus - train - (rental) car


I was surprised how easy it was to get a rental car and drive it.

Outside of Paramaribo there is little traffic. So a car gives you great possibilities to explore places.

I would recommend a rental car.

If you go along the coast line, you can use the bus to go from place to place.

In Paramaribo and around you can walk or take the bus.




For Europeans it is best to fly to Amsterdam and from there to Paramaribo. Suriname is a former Dutch colony. That's why there is a connection with the Netherlands. The flight is about a third or half of the required budget. I assume long term booking is cheaper. I booked very short term (3 days ahead) and it was about 900 EUR.

In Suriname it very much depends on your way of traveling. But it is rather cheap.

There is one hostel in Suriname, of course in Paramaribo. I stayed there in total 7 nights. It is super nice and economic. :-)

The rental car was also cheap, food is too.

So the rest is up to your activities and this is what you mainly spend your money on because in some places there is not much of a choice.


Spontaneously or booking in advanced


I cannot think of anything which needs to be booked in advance. Once you are there, you can make your travel plans for the upcoming days and the corresponding arrangements.

Paramaribo is your headquarter and you can do 2-3 days trips from there and return afterwards. That’s the best since all the roads go to Paramaribo anyway.

Hostel “De Kleene historie” 

Things to do

That’s a toughy to answer in Suriname. There is not this one major sight, nothing like Machu Pichhu, Angkor Wat or w(h)atever. ;-)

Suriname is mainly about nature.  In the South there is a huge area of jungle. Take time to explore it. You would mainly do this by tours. You either book them in Paramaribo or you can go on your own to Atjoni / Pokigron and book a tour there.

Either you book a tour for 3-4days or maybe two tours separately for 2 days, one in the South East (down South from Atjoni, the Upper Suriname River) and one in the West (Voltzberg with the Raleigh Falls; Central Suriname Nature Reserve).

In the North you have the Coast line which is quite diverse. Don’t picture sandy beach like Thailand. But if you are there in the right month, you can see turtles. Green turtles February - May, leatherbacks from April - July.

Moreover there are some historic sites from colonial times and a nice butterfly park. I biked the sights around Paramaribo which was exhausting but fun.

I liked Suriname a lot. I finally made it to a country which I didn’t visit for one specific sight but to visit the country in general. It was much more relaxing, it was great!

route (highlights)

Paramaribo is your headquarter. You tour from here to the jungle in the South or halfway to Brownsberg.



Paramaribo – jungle South East (Upper Suriname River) / Brownsberg – Paramaribo - Central Suriname Nature Reserve (South West) – Paramaribo – Northern Coast line (East or West)