best time to travel Tel Aviv

"TLV" and a bit of Jerusalem

Best time to travel

April, May + October

First of all, check for Jewish holidays. I would not recommend to travel to Tel Aviv those days. Availability drops, prices increase.

Apart from that, I was surprised how hot and humid Tel Aviv is beginning of September.

I could hardly stand it. At day time I only chilled at the beach. Sun was burning.

So better go before summer time or October, depending on holidays. 


The weather in Tel Aviv is really nice. It is sunny and there is the Mediterranean sea. :-)

Water temperature is enjoyable from April on (~20°C/ 67°F).


Israel is a first world country. The health system is good. It is, most likely, as good as the one in your home country (or better).

Of course, there are no nasty tropical diseases.


rather safe

 "Is this Travel Hans guy crazy?" A country in the Middle East, terror attacks happening, and the place is supposed to be rather safe?? 

Indeed I think it is rather safe.

Being there, I have never felt unsafe. I expected a lot of police/ soldiers and check- points. 

But there wasn't in Tel Aviv, much more in Jerusalem.

Some people (guide books) say the probability of a terror attack is higher, but if you think of 2016 and 2017, I doubt it is much higher than in mayor European cities. 

As to the rest, there are pickpockets for sure. Watch your belongings. Typically at the beach when going to swim. You can ask people around to watch your stuff. They do, too.

infrastructure (how easy to travel)


There is no metro in TLV. That was surprising to me, since TLV is a big city.

Locals use (e-)bikes a lot. In particular along the beach strip which connects the North and the South of the city. 

I walked a lot which works for the beach and the "center".

Taxi is another appropriate mean of transportation, not too expensive.

Alternatively you can take the bus. There are a couple of bus lines. Best you ask your host or at the reception which line to take.

Bus – train – (rental) car


Bus, taxi or walking.



Friends told me before but I didn't expect Tel Aviv to be that expensive. Jerusalem is cheaper.

It was hard to find accommodation (double room) for less than 80EUR per night. No matter if hotel or AirBnB.

No beer below 6 EUR. :-(

Spontaneously or booking in advanced

accommodation in advanced 

Since prices are high, it makes sense to book accommodation in advanced.

Tours (like free walking tour) can be "booked" spontaneously in TLV.

But you should be there on time.

Even more in Jerusalem. It happened to me that I could not join the tour because I arrived only 5min before the start.

things to do

The beach is amazing. You have a big city with all its opportunities and right there a nice beach. The beach is huge.

There is some interesting history in Jaffa. Jaffa is walking distance from/in TLV.

There is art in TLV. There is good food, there is nightlife.
When it comes to nightlife, try Avital's pub crawl (

And it is 1-2 hours to travel to Jerusalem by bus.

route (highlights)

Relax at the beach. You cannot miss it. ;-)

You should definetely visit the artistic district of Florentin.

Visit the Camel Market. There is an art market on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Go to Jaffa to take a tour. Usually I like exploring on my own but I must admit that I would have seen nothing in Jaffa. Join the free walking tour. :-)

Jaffa is also suitable for nightlife, there are some cool bars. You must know where, another plus of the free walking tour. They tell you where. Moreover forget the main roads in the "center" to go out, better try Florentin or the port/harbour up north (best to go there by bus).


Make one or two day trips to Jerusalem. The history is amazing. Everything is so dense, three religions combined in the rather small oldtown of Jerusalem.